TuTuApp VIP Redeem Code

Have you been hearing about TuTuApp lately? TuTu App is the exceptional Android and iOS App that has been designed to act as a dime shop in the recent era. Given the extremely popular approach that it holds towards the youth, it is stylish and appealing to use. Moreover, it provides TuTuApp VIP Redeem Code!

The app can be downloaded by both the Android and iOS users by following few trivial steps before downloading it. Here, at this App Store, you can get hold of all the automatic and free apps which are usually premium and paid, for absolutely nothing.

The downside of using this alternative app store is that it used to come in the Chinese language. However, this phenomenon was only bolstering the Google Translator. Later, the English version has been developed and ever since all the users are hooked on it.

TuTuApp VIP Redeem Code

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What is TuTuApp VIP Redeem Code?

A Redeem code of any website/app is just like a Gift Card. By entering this code, one can receive the rewards that are associated with it. In TuTuApp, you can purchase the VIP Redeem code via the Code page and send it to any of the friends as a gift by giving them the code.

People who have the code can use this to download the TuTuApp and enter this code to seek the VIP App. If you’re one of those people who has been using TuTuApp for a while, to how many people, have you actually referred the code for the TuTuApp VIP version? In case if you haven’t yet, you can now gift the TuTu VIP Redeem Code absolutely for free by getting the code from the official website of TuTu App.

The TuTu VIP version has come into the picture recently after it is introduced as a pro version at the official website. There are certain differences between the TuTu Regular and the TuTu VIP that on can consider.

Features of TuTuApp VIP version

  1. The TuTu App VIP version can stay active for a long time even for the iOS updates.
  2. This version has more games and apps that can be downloaded in modified and hacked versions, as well.
  3. In case if you haven’t found a particular app in the store, you can submit an official request to the TuTu App developers for this new app so that everyone can use it.
  4. If you have previous app data, saved on your device, it will be stored and resumed after you have downloaded the new data.
  5. However, the VIP version costs a $6.99 payment that should be done one time.

VIP Redeem Code

Why Do You Need VIP Redeem Code?

Paying $6.99 might not seem big for many people, but most of us prefer to download the regular version because we don’t want to spend much on the app. The free version, on the other hand, is equally consistent with the VIP version with abundant paid apps.

You don’t have to jailbreak this app to run it on your iOS devices and with few striking games being released, the store has gained prominence to get the modified APKs. However, the VIP version is on another level where you can save the entire data and load it. The VIP Redeem Code of TuTuApp is right away available on the official website.

Download the code and use it on the device that you have been using frequently. This code will help you in getting all the VIP services for free where you can skip the part of paying $6.99. In case if you already have got hold of it, you can try gifting it to your friends and loved ones, by sending this code to them.

How to Use TuTu App VIP Redeem Code

How to use TuTuApp Redeem Code?

In order to use the Tutuapp VIP Redeem Code, you can follow the below-mentioned step by step instructions.

  1. Start with heading to the official website of TuTuApp by entering http://www.tutuapp.vip/index.php?r=overseaTutu/mobileTuTU&lang= in the URL or by clicking here. Wait for the page to load.
  2. After entering, access the ‘VIP Redeem Code’ button that is at the center of the page and clicks on it.
  3. Once after clicking on it, you will get a prompt asking you if you want to install it. Select the button and then enter the gifted or the owned TuTuApp VIP Redeem Code here, as you have gotten it.
  4. After entering the code, the TuTu App will ask your permission to download the TuTu App VIP version on your device. Tap on the install button all over again. Make sure that you’re doing everything from a mobile browser to get it correctly.
  5. After downloading the app, trust it from your device in order to run it without any hassles.
  6. Close the browser after launching the app and check the subscription plan of your TuTu App and you will notice that you have gotten the VIP version for free.

Install TuTu App VIP Redeem Code

Conclusion of Tutuapp Redeem Code

That being said, getting the TuTuApp VIP Redeem code is indeed easy and you will love having it on your device. So, instead of sitting and waiting, get the code from the website and start availing the services of VIP version or start gifting them to your loved ones right away.

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  1. I am getting a specific error code: 43 when I try to install the VIP version from my PC. What is this and how do I correct it? I’ve been trying to install the VIP version for a month now, which is annoying since I paid $12 for it instead of the 6.99!


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