TuTuApp Pokemon Go Hack

TutuApp Pokemon Go game became a sensation overnight with its success and the interest that people showed in the gameplay. People have been indulged in the Pokemon Go game up to some immense levels. And why not? The game is freakishly addictive, the collection of poke balls, poke stamps, and Pokemon characters have somehow added more fun to the game.

The game was originally released by Nintendo for their handheld gaming controllers called Game Boy sometimes in early 90’s. Since that time people have been waiting for this game to debut again for the smartphones, and now here it is. The game was officially available for the users in the US initially and later in the month of March 2017 this game has made its way for the Android users in other countries, but there is some payment involved for getting all the benefits of the app.

Tutuapp Pokémon Go hack 0.73.1 for Android & TutuApp Pokemon Go Hack 1.43.1 for iOS is a method by you can bypass all those payment implications to use the app to its maximum performance. Let us talk about the game and how the Tutuapp Pokemon Go trick works.

TuTuApp Pokemon Go Hack

Features of Tutuapp Pokémon Go

The Tutuapp Pokémon Go is a modified version of the original Pokemon Go game. The modified version has been made possible by cracking the original version of the app and adding and modifying some of the features of the original app. Thanks to TuTuApp developers for making it possible. Let us know more about all the modifications that are being made in the Tutuapp Pokémon Go.

  • The first and the foremost modification is that the Tutuapp Pokemon Go is made available for free, there are no in-app purchases involved too. The app will be downloaded and installed on your devices for free.
  • Tutuapp Pokémon Go is a cross-platform app that is available for both the smartphone operating systems, iOS and Android.
  • The modified version of the app gives the users added functionality of the option to use the joystick so that the users need not move around from place to place to catch Pokemon characters. They can sit at their spot and can use the joystick to move around in the game only.
  • When the Tutuapp Pokémon Go is opened you’ll be shown with the menu options on the screen that lets you modify settings, and you can walk to the game even without moving a bit in the real world.
  • The app also offers you customizability for your walking speeds and also allows you to change between taking alternatives to walking such as using a bike and driving a car. If the game displays you with a warning that you can’t ride a bike or drive a car, simply move back to the passenger mode.
  • There is an auto-guide feature also available, where it is possible for you to set a destination and your trainer will lead you to the set destination automatically. Meanwhile during the transit, if you happen to find or see a Pokemon character the app will notify you so that you can catch the character then and there.

So, all in all, this is all cheating, right? Calling it the smarter way to play the game isn’t going to refrain the people at Niantic Labs from thinking that you are not cheating. Well, the app covers you in that part. Also, the app has some built-in security features that prevent Niantic Labs to know that you are using a modified app and your account won’t receive a ban.

Let us now discuss, how you can install Tutuapp Pokémon Go hack on your iOS and Android devices.

TuTuApp Pokemon Go Android
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How to Install Tutuapp Pokemon Go Hack 0.73.1 on Android?

The installation is pretty simple, and the installation process is neat. Unfortunately, because of some of the application sharing policies Tutuapp Pokémon go is not available officially on the Google Play Store. The only possible way for the installation is by sideloading the app. Here is how you can do that.

  • Make sure that the Android device you are on is connected to the internet, and a WiFI connection is preferred.
  • Open up the phone’s browser and visit the URL www.tutuapp.com
  • You’ll be able to see the green download button on the loaded web page. Hit the download button, and the app will start downloading the background.
  • While the app is downloading in the background, you need to allow for some permissions so that the app can be installed easily. Simply go to the settings and then security and tap on the Unknown sources toggle to turn it ON. This will ensure installation of unsigned apps on your Android device.
  • Next, use a file manager to locate the downloaded apk file that you just downloaded.
  • Tap on the apk file icon to begin the installation. After the installation is completed, you can open the app.
  • Now you are in the Tutuapp; you can use the search functionality and search for Tutuapp Pokémon Go.
  • You’ll be shown with the list of Pokemon Go app on the top of the list.
  • Next, to the tab, there is a green download button present, make sure to hit that button to download and install Tutuapp Pokémon Go modified version.
  • After the installation is completed, you can use the Pokemon go app normally.

So this is how you can download TuTuApp Pokemon Go Android hack on your smartphones or tablets. At times, the TuTuApp might not respond due to server issues. If you face any such issues you can check our detailed guide on TuTuApp not working which solves the issue.

Install Tutuapp Pokémon Go 1.43.1 iOS Hack on iPhone/iPad

The method to install is almost similar as that of the Android. Here is the step by step guide for the installation of Tutuapp Pokémon Go.

TuTuApp Pokemon Go iOS

  • Make sure that the iOS device on which you want to install the app is connected to an internet connection, a WiFi connection is preferred.
  • Open up the Safari browser on your iOS device and open up the URL, www.tutuapp.com. Make sure to use the Safari browser only as other browsers may not be allowed to install apps.
  • Now look for the green download button on the page that was just loaded into the browser. This will start the downloading of the TuTuapp iOS version.
  • After the app is downloaded, it’ll installed automatically in the background and will appear on the home screen.
  • Next, go to the iOS device settings and look for the general tab and then under that go to profiles. Make sure to trust the TutuApp iOS, so that the app can run without any issues.
  • Next, fire up the tutuapp from the device home screen and go to the ‘regular’ page by swiping to the left.
  • Now use the search toolbar to search for Tutuapp Pokémon go, the game will be located on the top of the list. You can tap on the game and hit the download button to start the download process.
  • After the game has been downloaded it’ll appear on the home screen, make sure to trust the Tutuapp Pokemon go app by going to the settings, general and profiles on your iOS device to make the app work properly.
  • You’ll get several benefits while you use the Tutuapp Pokemon go. If you face any problems while downloading, installing or tweaking while using the Tutuapp Pokémon go, make sure to leave your queries, our team will help you out.

This is how you can easily download TuTuApp Pokemon Go iOS Hack within a fraction of seconds for free! Do let us know in the comment section if you face any issues while installing this particular Pokemon Go Hack using TutuApp.

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