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TuTuApp VIP iOS: There are several alternative app markets available for the Android users out there apart from the Google Play Store and the Amazon app store. But when it comes to the iOS-based users be it the people who are using iPhone or an iPad they have only one store available for them, and that is Apple’s official App Store. And we are aware of the fact that as the iPhone and iPad put loads of pressure over our pockets, their apps aren’t better.

If you are an iOS user then we can feel your pain, we get it first paying a hell lot of money for an Apple product and then spending your remaining savings in purchasing all those costly apps, sounds bizarre. And even if there are ways that can install a third party alternate app store on iOS devices, such solutions have their limitations; they need your iOS device to be jailbroken.

And not everyone is fond of jailbreaking their device and voiding the warranties. In the present scenarios, TuTuApp VIP iOS is the probable, reliable solution for all the non-jailbroken iOS devices. Tutuapp iOS acts as a third party app store that lets you download and install paid app, games and themes for free. Let us dig deeper into the features, installation process and benefits of Tutuapp iOS.

TuTuApp iOS

About TuTuApp VIP Free for iOS

Tutuapp VIP iOS, as mentioned earlier is a free third party app store that is developed by Chinese developers that let you download paid apps, games and themes for free on your iOS device. Tutuapp for iOS is not officially available on the Apple’s App Store because of several issues that Apple imposes on the developers and Tutuapp for iOS is going in somewhat illegal ways to distribute paid apps for free.

But who cares? We want to try paid apps for free on our iOS devices, and yes we’ll learn how to download them and use Tutuapp VIP Free for the purpose.

The device on which we are going to install Tutuapp iOS need not be jailbroken. The app works on all the iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad running on a non-jailbroken version of iOS 9.1, 10.1, 10.2, 10.3 and above. Tutuapp iOS is not just about downloading paid apps for free; there is more to it. Let us know more about all the features that Tutuapp iOS has to offer.

TuTuApp iOS Download

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Features of TutuApp VIP iOS

TuTuApp iOS features are listed below which can be easily used when you use the app on your iPhone/iPad. Here are few of them, have a glimpse at them below:

  • The interface is user-friendly which is easy to understand, and the controls are self-explanatory. The app is developed by a team of Chinese developers, so the native language of the app is Chinese. We can easily tweak some settings to change the language to English too.
  • There is a toolbar built in Tutuapp iOS that is called TuTuiSO toolbar which can be used in many ways. It has the functionality to manage calendar events, battery stats, contacts and other things such as searching within the Tutuapp for iOS for apps, games and themes.
  • The app does have the cross-platform support that means; there is an alternate version available for the Android users. The Android version of the app offers similar functionality to the users. This makes the library of Tutuapp for iOS ever larger regarding the number of games, apps and themes it has already.
  • In most cases, the app can be installed on any non-jailbroken iOS device, but there is a separate version of Tutuapp iOS available for the jailbroken iOS device users that can be downloaded separately from the official website.
  • The developers of the app have also added functionality for the users to use the built-in cleaner system that cleans unwanted system files such as clearing cached files from memory and clearing the RAM.
  • Almost all the apps that are available on the Apple’s app store that have a price tag with them are available for download via Tutuapp iOS for free.
  • THe latest version of TuTuApp also provides Pokemon Go iOS hack which unlocks everything!

How to Download TuTuApp VIP Free on iOS

Before you start with the installation guide of TuTuApp iOS, let me tell you that you might face few errors during the installation process. In that case, you can refer our detailed guide on TuTuApp not working or can’t download in which we have solved all the errors to let you download TuTu Helper iOS without any hassles.

Now let’s have a look at the download process of TuTuApp for iOS 10.3, 10.2, 10.1 & 9 for iPhone and iPad.

  • Make sure that your iOS device is connected to the internet. A WiFi connection is required.
  • Now open up the Safari browser and open the tutuapp.com or TuTuApp.VIP iOS website. Note that this step can only be performed by using Safari browser as it has that functionality to let other apps modify some of the system settings and also enables the users to install apps.


  • The page takes some time to load, but if in case after waiting for over five minutes the page fails to load, make sure to clear the history and cache memory of the Safari Browser and try to reopen the URL again.
  • After the website is loaded completely, you’ll see everything in the Chinese language. You can use the Google Translate option to translate the entire page; this might again take up more time to reload the page again from scratch in translated language. Look for the download button and simply tap on that.
  • To cut short, without translating the page, simply look for three green colored buttons on the page, tap on the button present in the middle. This button is the download button, and it’ll start downloading the Tutuapp for iOS in the background.

TuTuApp iOS Download

  • There will be a blue bar that’ll prompt on the screen which will show the current download process of the app Tutuapp free iOS.
  • Now when the install button appears simply tap on the Install button.
  • If asked anywhere to provide additional permissions during or after the installation of Tutuapp for iOS, make sure to ‘deny’ for any permissions.
  • Now the app is installed, but it is not usable. You’ve to ‘trust’ the app. Here is how you can do!
  • Head over to the iOS device settings and look for the General option.

TuTuApp iOS Settings General

  • Tap on the General option and then the Profiles section.
  • In the Profiles menu, you’ll be able to see the listing for Tutuapp iOS free, open that, and you’ll be presented with a toggle control. Simply touch the toggle control to make it green and consider it in the list of trusted apps.

TuTuApp VIP iOS Trust

  • Now go back to the home screen of your iOS device and tap on the Tutuapp iOS icon to run the app.

Note- You need to perform all the steps of this guide perfectly, if in any case you fail at any step, just start from scratch.

TuTuApp VIP Free

If you are still facing any difficulties to Download TuTuApp iOS Free, you can always get in touch with TuTuAppAndroid.org team for additional help. So what keeps you waiting? Install TuTuApp VIP Free on iOS right now!


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