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TuTuApp VIP: With the development and the ongoing advancements in the tech world, people have been finding ways to do a lot more than just calling from their smartphones. They can play games, watch videos and can even click photos and shoot videos too. As far as the entertainment part is concerned, the smartphones are capable of playing a lot of games, and the experience is as similar as that it was used to in the time when we used to play such games on PC.

There were hacks, cheats and cheat codes available that time so as to reach towards our goals while playing the game. What if the similar experience can be delivered to you on your phone while you are playing a game? Yes, there is an app for that, TuTuApp VIP is an app that lets you do some modifications to the app and games so that you can reach your goals or accomplish targets more easily and provide you with a better gaming experience.


So it seems like a hacking app, right? But it is not the case with TuTuApp Android Xmodgames is an assistant that helps you to reach towards your goals and targets in the game more seamlessly. Some of the most popular apps that TuTuApp Android supports are, TutuApp Pokemon Go hack, TutuApp Clash of Clans hack, 8 Ball Pool Hack, Clash Royale hack, TutuApp Spotify Premium, Apex Launcher Pro, Nova Launcher and there are much more to the list.

The app is developed by a Chinese developer so there might be some cases where you’ll face some language issues as the app was originally built in the Chinese language. But don’t worry, TuTuAppAndroid.org has TuTuApp VIP English version just for you!


Features of TuTuApp Android

As mentioned earlier TuTuApp Android has the capabilities that allow you to install apps on your smartphone for free. It also adds the functionality of installing modded apps too. But this is no it, here are some cool features offered by TuTuApp Android

  • First and foremost thing that this app allows is to let you download apps, games, themes and modded apk files on your smartphone for free without any hassle.
  • The app has built-in functionality to transfer files between devices using the Wi-Fi hotspot feature that is very fast and reliable. As this app can be installed on iPhone too, the file sharing functionality works on both the platforms.
  • TuTuApp Android also gives you this additional benefit of allowing you to clean the junk files, cache memory and recycle bin files. It also clears the RAM and makes you sluggish phone faster.
  • The developer has recently introduced the feature by which you can backup and restore the data on your phone including contacts and other stuff. It also has a battery meter that gives you a detailed report about the battery usage.
  • These are the key features of the app; you can say that TuTuApp Android is a single alternate to five different apps altogether.

Note- recently the developers have made some changes in the app language from Chinese to English, and the app is now called Tutu Helper.

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Prerequisites for the Installation of TuTuApp Android

Note- there is no need of rooting or jailbreaking of your Android and iOS devices respectively. This app works without the need of these complicated procedures.

  • Make sure you are on a strong Wi-Fi or mobile network so that TuTuApp Android can let you download the apps seemingly.
  • Ensure that you’ve enough internal as well as external storage left on your phone as the installation files take up a lot of space.
  • Be aware of the fact that there are several fake versions of this app scattered on the internet, make sure you download TuTuApp VIP from an authentic source.

TuTuApp APK Download

How to Install TuTuApp on Android

As the TuTuApp Android is not available on the Google Play Store for the reasons that are pretty obvious and understandable because the app works as a mod and modify the original game in some way or the other. Without going into deep about the app works, we’ll jump right to the installation part.

It is not pretty much clear that you need to sideload TuTuApp VIP on your android phone and a simple Google search will give you access to several download links to the .apk file. Make sure to choose the authentic and genuine source.

  1. Download the installation TuTuApp Android.apk file from the internet. Simply run a Google search with the keyword and several results will be shown. In most cases, the authentic and genuine source of TuTuApp for Android APK will be listed in the top five search results. You need to save the installation file to the internal memory or the external memory of your phone.
  2. Go to the ‘Settings’ menu on your phone and then head over to the ‘Security’ section and look for ‘Unknown Sources’ button. Simply turn it ON by tapping. This will ensure your phone that the third party apps can now be installed on your phone, as by default your Android device allows only the files to be installed from Google Play Store.
  3. Now use any file manager and look for the TuTuApp Android app. Now, simply click on the .apk file icon and the installation wizard will pop up.
  4. Make sure that you read the information that will be displayed on the installation screen, and hit the ‘next’ and then ‘install’ button.
  5. The app will be installed on your phone within a few seconds.
  6. If you receive some errors like ‘Application Parsing Failed’ simply remove the .apk file and re-download and install. Sometimes such errors pop up because of some corruption in the .apk file itself.
  7. Now head over to the app drawer of your phone and look for TuTuApp Android app and tap the app icon to run it. Voila! You are good to go.

TuTuApp Android

How to Use TuTuApp Android APK on Your Smartphone

As mentioned earlier the TuTuApp Android APK is loaded with several features that let you enjoy your game in a unique way. Here is how you can use the app.

  • Fire up the TuTuApp Android app from the application drawer of your smartphone and makes sure that you are connected to a mobile of Wi-Fi data network.
  • TuTuApp Android app will populate the list of games and apps that are available for the download for free.
  • You can always use the ‘Search’ feature of the app to look for your desired app and game.
  • Make sure to keep the ‘Unknown Sources’ option enabled because the apps downloaded via TuTuApp Android needs that to be kept ON.
  • Tap on the app or game that you want to download and follow the instructions to install the app.
  • The app will now be shown in the app drawer of your smartphone from where it can be accessed.

TuTuApp iOS

We’ve to see the TuTuApp Android version and its installation, now if you own an iOS based device how you’ll be able to download and install TutuApp VIP app. Jailbreaking is not required to install TuTuApp on iOS device. But there is also a separate version of TutuApp VIP app if you are on a jailbroken device.

TuTuApp iOS

How to Download TuTuApp on iOS [iPhone/iPad]

App compatibility: TuTuApp VIP is compatible with iOS versions 9.0, 9.1, 9.2, 9.3, 9.4 and above.

  • The app is not available officially on the apple app store, so we need to download it via Safari web browser.
  • Head over to Safari web browser and open the official website TuTuApp.com and wait for the page to complete loading. If the page fails to load even after several minutes, please apply a quick fix by clearing cache and browsing data from your Safari web browser.
  • After the page has loaded, you’ll be able to see three green tabs, simply tap on the center button to start downloading the TuTuApp VIP.
  • You’ll see a blue progress bar that shows the download progress. Make sure to tap on the install tab after the app has finished downloading.

TuTuApp Download

There are certain settings that are to be tweaked in your phone settings menu for the easy installation of TuTuApp APK. Follow these steps:

  • Head over to the settings menu of your iOS-based device and scroll down to ‘General’ tab.
  • Then look for the ‘Profiles’ option and open it.
  • You’ll be able to see several profiles that are created previously, and you’ll also find ‘TuTuApp APK’ simply trust the app by the toggle button.

After this, TuTuApp iOS will be fully functional, and you’ll be able to use it. Go to the phone’s

TuTuApp for PC

People like the cross-platform approach of this app, and so they want to try this app on their PCs. There is no official .exe or .dmg file available for installation on your Windows or Mac systems respectively, but there is a way around by which you can enjoy this app store and the other apps that you’ll download via TuTuApp APK on your PC.

Download TuTuApp for Windows/Mac

  • Simply search for a third party software called as BlueStacks.
  • BlueStacks enables you to install any .apk file on your PC and lets you enjoy it giving you similar feel and features as that of an Android smartphone.
  • Look for the download button on the bluestacks download page and simply hit the download button.
  • After the .exe file has been downloaded successfully, you’ll be asked to install the file on your PC. Simply follow the instructions and install it.
  • After the BlueStacks application has been installed on your system, you need to open up the app and wait for it to load.
  • After the loading process is done, you’ll be asked to enter your Google Accounts credentials. It is just like setting up a new Android phone.
  • Then, download the TuTuApp Android from the official source and try to install it on the BlueStacks server.
  • You’ve to follow the similar steps, heading over to Settings menu and checking for the ‘Unknown Sources’ tab in the security section.
  • And then followed by the installation of the .apk file.
  • After the installation, the app will be shown in the device app drawer from where you can open it and start downloading your favorite games and apps for free.
  • You can then load the downloaded apps and games into the BlueStacks server so that you can run them on your PC.

TuTuHelper for iOS

Why is TuTuApp APK Android So Popular?

Keeping it simple, TuTuApp Android app itself acts as a free app store from where all the paid apps, games and modded apps can be downloaded.

As a smartphone user, everybody wants to download the paid apps for free or rather wants every other app to be free which this app store servers without any fail.

The Chinese developers are working continuously to improve the app and its functionality. Recently they’ve introduced the English version of the app called Tutu Helper because of the overwhelming response they got since the original app was released.

Another insider of the success of TutuApp VIP is because it gives users the functionality to play Pokemon Go game with an inbuilt joystick so they need not travel all day long to catch their favourite Pokemon characters. There are plenty of more features that enables the users to play their favourite games without any restrictions.

Just like every other app out there, TuTuApp Android have its drawbacks and shortcomings, but the developers are making continuous efforts to improve the app for both Android and iOS platforms.

  • Home screen and look for the TuTuApp icon, tap on it and enjoy.

Quick Fixes While You Use TuTuApp VIP

As the app is still in continuous development and modification, we can’t call it perfect. There are a few errors that pop up now and then, here are some:

  • App freezes while it is running
  • TutuApp is Down
  • Unable to install ‘Problem Parsing Error.’
  • App homepage is blank

You can fix these by taking care of certain simple points:

  • Make sure you are connected to a data network, Wi-Fi preferably.
  • Check for the app version, make sure to download the latest version from the official website only.
  • Reinstall the app too if these errors persist.

This way, you can easily fix some minor errors when TuTuApp is not working on your Android or iOS devices.

Conclusion of TuTuApp APK Download

If you face any issues while using TuTuApp VIP, you can also use TuTuHelper which is available on the official website. Although it’s a paid version, you can download TuTuHelper APK from other sources. But make sure that they don’t contain any malicious software or apps. It’s always better to go for TuTuApp VIP account if you want the best services of TuTuApp.